Foul Smelling Favourites - Volume 2

by Stinky Foot Studios

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VERSE1 His name is John, John Mahoney On the side of the road he gets his money Pickin' up bottles, pickin' up cans He lugs them all back to the recycle man He trades them in, for lots of dough Then it's off to the liquor store the liquor store he goes It's round and round, and round again There aint no doubt about it he's the recycle man CHORUS Recycle man Cash 'em in again Doin' what he can He's the recycle man VERSE2 From Aroostook Junction, to Craig's Flat He's down in the ditch where the money's at From Jawbone Road, to Carlingford There aint no place he aint been before Cleaning the park, riverbank too He's cleaning up the streets for me and you The town should call him, their favourite son They should give him a medal for what he done BRIDGE Here he comes again He's makin' money man Here he comes again He's makin' money man
VERSE1 When I first started groovin' I was 14 years old Made a vow to myself I'd get me some soul Here I am still rockin' to that same old sound Like my music all the way round town Never gonna leave it, man I love the blues VERSE2 Gotta find me a woman who knows what I mean One that understands me one that knows what I need Likes the same kinda music, likes the same kinda beat You know she likes it loud, she don't like it neat Got something in common, man we love the blues VERSE3 Met a space cowboy a good friend of mine He lives in my hometown, stoned all the time He can tell you some stories, some lies some true But there's something about it he knows who's who Got an ear for the music, man he love the blues
VERSE1 They say that I'm crazy Call me a dancin' fool They say I lost my marbles My brain is a useless tool Here they come to get me Coming to take me away Throw me in the nuthouse Feed me drugs all day CHORUS Going down to the farm Funny farm, funny farm Going down to the farm To the funny farm VERSES2 Sittin' in a straight coat Fly's on the wall Got no room in the rubber room Got no friends at all
VERSE1 Please tell me baby, what you tryin to do Inside my head now, turnin’ the screw CHORUS Gettin’ real hazy, gonna blow my mind Drivin’ me crazy, no you’re not my kind Whatcha tryin’ to do, gettin’ off this ride Yeah I tell you, you got me fried VERSE2 You drivin' me crazy, right up the wall You know I can’t take it, know I’m gonna fall VERSE3 Baby have some mercy, and give me some room Throw away your pointy hat, get rid of your broom


Greg Hatchard - Guitar / Bass
Dan Brayall - Vocals / Guitar
Gary Sappier - Vocals / Bass
Forrest Delsile - Vocals
Galen Hanson - Vocals
Dave Lewis - Bass
Paul Sisson - Drums
Nomad - Drums

Released 25 June 2012
Produced by Greg Hatchard
Recorded at Stinky Foot Studios in Perth-Andover, NB, Canada


released June 25, 2012


all rights reserved



Stinky Foot Studios Fredericton, New Brunswick

Musicians from New Brunswick, Canada producing ill-scented original rock music since 2005.

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